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The USB Relay Controller from ABI Electronics is an accessory used to control, via USB, the switching on and off of up to 4 external connections. The SYSTEM 8 Ultimate software automatically sends commands to the controller in order to activate or deactivate the relays. For instance, these relays can be connected to a lighting system, to an alarm or to the outputs of a power supply.


USB Relay Controller for SYSTEM 8


This accessory requires the open source software Python (available from the internet, free of charge) as well as the SYSTEM 8 Ultimate software version 2.00 (or more).



Typical application


The USB Relay Controller is particularly useful with the Advanced Test Module (ATM) for users who do not have the integrated SYSTEM 8 Variable Power Supply module (VPS). In this instance, the Relay Controller can be connected between an external power supply and the board or device under test. When the Advanced IC Tester instrument is used to test components, the Relay Controller will supply the power automatically when required, thus allowing both power on and power off tests to be run with one click.


The diagram below shows the setup for this type of application:



Typical application



Other applications


Thanks to the versatility of this accessory, and to the flexibility of the Python language, the code can be modified to call out independent relay activation, for instance. It can also be used to activate based on a number of conditions, including for instance the result (PASS or FAIL) of a test or a step in a TestFlow.







You can download the tutorial TestFlow, complete with all the code, from here.





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USB Relay Controller