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CircuitMaster 4000M Training Board

CircuitMaster4000M Training Board


The ABI CircuitMaster4000M Training Board is a self-contained PCB equipped with its own power supply for ease of use. The board is designed with simple circuits which are notoriously difficult to analyse, even with the best oscilloscopes.


A range of exercises is available to the user in a detailed manual organised in a background-procedure-results-analysis format. Circuit diagrams and screenshots complete the structure to make it easier to follow and understand.

Each exercise shows the testing and measuring capabilties of the CircuitMaster4000M which are just beyond any oscilloscope on the market.





The exercise below is extracted from the Training Board manual. The diagram shows a series of logic inverters driving a clock signal via various components which could be used as "outside world" interfaces in a real circuit.  An NPN transistor, P and N channel MOSFETs and a dual opto isolator are provided. 






The screenshot on the left hand side below shows the results that can be expected at the test point NPN using a standard oscilloscope. The other screenshot on the right depicts the signals acquired with the CircuitMaster4000M at the same point.







The exercise guide offers further information, both theoretical and practical, to explain the results obtained.




  • Equipment training
  • Educational training
  • Power on / Power off testing
  • Active mode
  • Analogue and Digital electronics



  • 1x CM4000 training board
  • 1x 10 way MultiWay cable
  • 1x 9V PP3 battery
  • 1x printed manual
  • 1x manual on CD


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