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Repair, don't waste movement press release



March 2022



The solution to our E-waste problem? Repair, don’t waste.


The trailblazing creator of innovative solutions for electronic testing and repair ABI Electronics has launched a website to amplify their industry-changing message – Repair, Don’t Waste.


ABI Electronics first introduced their idea to wider audiences in 2015, but with the increasing global pressure on businesses to reduce emissions, costs and E-waste, the movement has gained a lot of traction recently. RepairDontWaste.com aims to highlight the importance of implementing a repair-first approach in every business and educate those in the industry by collating insightful information about PCB repair, alongside evidence of the vast successes of those in the field who choose to repair rather than replace.


After 7 years in the making, ‘Repair, Don’t Waste’ seems more poignant than ever; according to the United Nations University, more than 50 million tons of E-waste are produced globally every year. RepairDontWaste.com gives people the tools to challenge the replace-not-repair mentality that are so rampant in businesses and unnecessarily costly. The movement gives engineers and company decision-makers alike the materials and support needed to revolutionise industries such as defence, aerospace, rail transport, automotive, energy and biomedical from within.


Willian Santos, International Sales Manager at ABI, has seen first-hand how the ‘Repair, Don’t Waste’ strategy can benefit businesses, driving his passion for this unique and necessary movement forward. He said: “While a lot of OEMs are wedded to the model of selling new capital equipment as often and as much as possible, the world is changing. Equipment life will be extended, one way or another, either by the customer using dedicated electronic diagnostic systems and training, or the OEMs can do it themselves. The servitisation model can provide a substantial stream of savings or revenue for both sides of the spectrum.”


Although RepairDontWaste.com in its infancy, it provides a whole host of vitally useful information and will continue to grow and adapt with user feedback. The site explores repair technology, training, and standards available to ensure effective electronic repair, key ammunition in the fight against the replace mindset. It features case studies from around the world that give testament to the integrity of the movement, confirming that even industry giants such as Lockheed Martin, Collins Aerospace, LEGO and Samsung are ‘Repair, Don’t Waste’ converts.


Jörg Nolte, Production Manager at Kurtz Ersa, said: “A nice page and a very good initiative. Especially in times of chip shortage and lack of components, reuse, repair and rework are becoming more important and more attractive.”


The establishment of RepairDontWaste.com adds to ABI’s booming success over the last few years, with this particular initiative proving that theirs is a movement rooted in change for the betterment of all involved.



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