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Case study: Vale-Mining business



February 2023



Example of mining equipment which may fall victim to electronic faults.


Leading Mining Business Vale chooses to Repair


Vale have embraced the Repair, Don't Waste movement by incorporating specialist test and measurement equipment into their repair workshops. Vale is a unique mining business as they manage many aspects of their own supply chain – from prospecting, to excavating, and transporting the vast quantities of metal ore via railroad to ports and processing plants. If just one link in this supply chain fails, the delays and consequences can be disastrous. With a heavy reliance on technology and electronics to operate hefty machinery and freight trains, Vale were vulnerable to faulty PCB’s and components – many of which are rapidly becoming obsolete.


By investing in in-house repair capabilities, repair technicians can quickly find the culprit of the faulty circuit board, replace the component, and reinstate the board back into the essential rolling stock equipment. This prevents unnecessary downtime in the supply chain, whilst also saving money and reducing E-waste.



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