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VLT Carioca invests in RepairDontWaste



September 2022




VLT Carioca joins our movement!


VLT Carioca, Rio de Janeiro’s light rail operator, has made a huge commitment to the ‘Repair, Don’t Waste’ ethos by investing in specialist test and measurement equipment provided by ABI Electronics. With this investment, VLT is securing a future that is immune to component obsolescence, and costly machine downtime whilst taking huge steps towards net-zero targets.


VLT engineers and technicians currently have recently been trained in how to utilise and optimise every function of their specialist test equipment BoardMaster by our partners in Brazil, RCBI Instruments. Our movement is highly focused on the proper education and training of repair technicians to ensure their work is effective and of professional quality.


Read more on RepairDontWaste.com


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