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ABI Electronics Ltd
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ABI Electronics celebrates 35 years



JUNE 2018


ABI Electronics celebrates 35 years


A Yorkshire design engineer steps onto an electronic IC in late 1982. He gets home and finds it stuck in his shoe and asks himself: "I wonder if it still works?"


That thought drives him to leave his job to go on and create something that would change the electronic test industry: a benchtop, affordable IC tester branded simply as the ICT-24. Nothing like that was available at the time. Several months later, he sets up his company with his wife. It was June 1983. A prototype product gets demonstrated to a large catalogue distributor in the region who places an order immediately. That was their first breakthrough.


The early adoption by the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) and other UK organisations help the company further develop its products to meet in-circuit faultfinding requirements, taking the business to the next level.


Over the last 35 years, the company developed a loyal customer base in 120 countries. From SMEs to blue chip organisations. These customers saw their businesses thrive by implementing an asset management strategy based on "repair not replace" which gives them independence and control over obsolescence. Today, our focus remains on developing easy-to-use, unique solutions made in the UK which are affordable and supported internationally.


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