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ABI Electronics Ltd
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Renewable energy industry





Keeping the renewable energy industry green, profitable and efficient


Wind turbine systems are prone to develop all sorts of faults given the environment where they operate. Resolving breakdowns require more than having the right engineering skill set and parts available. Field operatives require access to the right technology to troubleshoot and repair inverters, encoders and other sub-assemblies, keeping costs low and reducing e-waste. ABI's BoardMaster, a product made in the UK and used across the world, help operators and OEMs stay on top of their repair needs.


ABI Renewable energy industry green


Keep it green, keep it profitable


Companies like GE Renewable are investing in internal repair facitilies to provide agile, low-cost repairs on failed wind turbine systems yielding better ROI to wind farm operators on maintenance contracts while reducing downtime. Qualified technicians can troubleshoot and repair PCBs regardless of their age, and if they were made or not by GE. The equipment that makes it possible is made by ABI Electronics in the UK.


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