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COG Conference and Exhibition


ABI Electronics Ltd will be exhibiting at the Component Obsolescence Group (COG)

Conference and Exhibition in Cambridge, UK

29th June - 1st July 2009




ABI Electronics will be presenting its products, and especially the SENTRY Counterfeit IC Detector, in Cambridge at a conference and exhibition centred around the problem of component obsolescence. For more information about SENTRY, please click here.


Introduction to the COG


Since its foundation in 1997, COG has provided a

valuable framework whereby users and suppliers of

components, assemblies & systems have been able

to compare and exchange information concerning the

diminishing life cycle of many of the devices used in

electronically controlled equipment.

This is the sixth International Conference and Exhibition

organised by COG which is returning to the scene

of the immensely successful conference venue used

in 2007 – St John’s College, Cambridge. Its aim

is to continue the encouragement of discussion of

important issues affecting the long term maintenance

of equipment.

In the very early days, obsolescence issues affected

mainly the Defence Industry where equipment was

expected to have a long life – frequently well in excess

of thirty years. Nowadays, with component lifetimes

becoming shorter day by day, manufacturers and users

of all equipment expected to be in service for more

than just a few short years are affected by similar

obsolescence. The wide membership of COG conirms

that obsolescence issues affect almost all industries

except for perhaps the consumer products industry.

Complicating the issue even further has been the

introduction of various pieces of legislation – such

as the RoHS, WEEE – and even more so REACH and

similar Directives Worldwide. This has persuaded many 

component makers that it is no longer feasible to
make many of their “High-Rel” devices for a diminishing
market representing only a small proportion of their
business. Result – even more obsolescence affecting
the vulnerable, long term maintenance sector!
Unfortunately, the level of Counterfeiting continues
to grow within the component supply chain adding
to the already signiicant headaches experienced by
component buyers, speciiers, engineers, QA, etc.
This Conference aims to bring together the best
knowledge that exists within the Industry – not only
from COG International members, but also from
experts wherever they reside - UK, Europe, the US and
elsewhere, to the beneit of all.
St John’s College is set on the banks of the River
Cam in one of the most beautiful sites in the city
of Cambridge. A combination of the traditional and
the modern, the 16th and 17th century courts, the
renowned Bridge of Sighs, the 19th century Gothic
New Court and the 20th century Cripps and Fisher
The main sponsor of this Conference is CMCA
(UK). However, there are opportunities for other
organisations to sponsor many aspects of the
Conference and hence emphasize their involvement in
the management of obsolescence and their support
for this Conference and Exhibition.



The COG Conference and Exhibition is a unique
International event held once every two years.
Key industry personnel from around the World meet to
review problems posed by the menace of obsolescence
and related matters. This year’s conference will be
held on 29th June to 1st July 2009 at St John’s
College, University of Cambridge, UK. It affords a major
opportunity for solution providers, component users
and speciiers to come together, exchange ideas thus
adding to their knowledge and the further understanding
of the problems facing all sides. Previous Conferences
have frequently helped participants to ind solutions to
problems previously thought to be intractable.
Exhibition stands and Sponsorship opportunities exist
for solution providers to promote their answers to
Obsolescence at this premier event.
The conference is expected to be attended by more
than 150 delegates who will be professionals or
managers who are impacted by obsolescence risk.
They will represent all levels of the supply chain from
across a wide range of industries.

Technical Programme
On 29th June 2009 there will be a Workshop on
“Managing Obsolescence of Legacy Equipment.” On 30th
June and 1st July 2009 the Conference Sessions will
consist of presentations covering obsolescence related
issues with speakers from Europe, the USA and from
around the globe.

Trade Exhibition
An exhibition will be held in the marquee on the College
Lawn next to the Fisher Conference Centre where the
Conference is being held. Conference refreshments,
including lunches, will be taken in this marquee where
exhibitors and delegates can meet.

Social Events
In 2009 there will be two main social events. On the
evening of 29th June 2009 there will be a reception
to welcome delegates with a Caribbean theme. On
the evening of 30th June 2009 there will be a Gala
Dinner in the 16th Century Dining Hall which features a
hammerbeam roof.


For more information about the COG Conference & Exhibition, please click here.