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JTAG Training Package


When designing and releasing new high-tech products to the market, ABI Electronics is always conscious of one key factor which can alter completely the user’s experience : training. Whether a customer is new to the product or simply has a new team member to instruct on their existing setup, training can be a time consuming process which may also lead to an improper use of the equipment.


ABI has a lot of experience with training packages, especially having designed solutions for Universities and Technical Colleges both within the UK and abroad. This knowledge was once again applied to the JTAGMaster training package, following the release of the JTAGMaster Boundary Scan Tester and Programmer (see news release here).


The JTAG training package offers a complete solution to better understand the JTAG principles but also to optimise the use of the JTAGMaster. Organised in exercises, the user is taken through the basic principles of JTAG before learning how to manage the JTAG chain to program and test devices. The training board is equipped with several devices on the same chain to demonstrate the versatility of the equipment.


The JTAG training package uses the new AIMs software to take the user through each exercise and therefore understand all keys features of the product. This means that new operators can train on their own, thus freeing the lead user for other tasks.


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Posted September 25th, 2008